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Rancho Mirage is centrally located to Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Diego – offering the perfect setting in a world-class retreat. Just 100 miles east of Los Angeles, Rancho Mirage spreads its verdant carpet across the desert floor between the Santa Rosa Mountains to the south and the snow-capped San Jacinto range on the west.

It requires little more than a glance at a Coachella Valley map to see that the City of Rancho Mirage occupies an enviable spot. If a gigantic bull’s-eye were to be placed over the center of the valley, Rancho Mirage and its environs would easily rest inside most of its concentric circles. A steady stream of vehicles is delivered daily to this target zone, courtesy of Highway 111 traffic to the south and the newly completed Interstate 10/Bob Hope Interchange to the north. Developers and new business ventures stand to score highly when they invest in Rancho Mirage.

Rancho Mirage is in prime position for new commercial development given its central location within the Coachella Valley’s population of nearly 600,000 permanent and seasonal residents.