Chamber of Commerce

In the business of providing service, networking and information, the Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce makes the connections to help people do business through public relations, planning and executing events, and creating and disseminating publications and information for residents and destination management entities alike. If you would like additional information regarding the City of Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce and any of its activities, please call (760) 568-9351 or visit their website.


Rancho Mirage Restaurant Association

The Rancho Mirage Restaurant Association (“RMRA”) showcases dining in the heart of the Coachella Valley, Rancho Mirage, CA. Our city has over sixty restaurants that offer everything a diner could possibly desire, from comfort food to international cuisine.

The RMRA is proud to support local restaurants through the Taste of Summer Rancho Mirage campaigns that give diners the opportunity to experience discounted cocktails, appetizers and desserts.

Visit their website or call (760) 568-9351 for more information.